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  • Acute and Chronic pain states

  • Pre and post operative conditioning

  • Sports Injuries

  • Headaches

  • Pelvic floor and bladder dysfunction 

  • Vertigo (BPPV)

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • TMJ/Jaw issues

  • Biomechanical Dysfunction in both children and adults

  • Thermoplastic splint/ fibreglass casting


Specialist Areas

Headaches - Level 1 - Dean Watson headache course. This aims to assess the cause of headaches and look at what may triggers your headaches and then treatment and give self management strategies. This treatment technique is effective in being able to reproduce your headache and then reducing it. 


Pelvis/SIJ dysfunction - Level 1 & 2 Barbara Hungerford lumbopelvic stability course. A lot of pelvic pain is misdiagnosed as back pain and this can lead to ineffective treatment and management. By being able to effectively assess pelvic imbalances and dysfunction, we are able to fix the problem and pain with a combination of hands on joint and muslce corrections, muscle energy stretches and then progressive functional strengthening.  


Women's bladder and pelvic floor - Pauline Chiarelli. 

This course looked at bladder dysfunction and pelvic floor assessment and treatment. By using a bladder diary and internally assessing pelvic floor strength an accurate strenghtening program can be formulated to help correct some of the embarrassing issues that come with pregnancy and ageing. 


Dancer foot and ankle - Sue Mayes (Australian Ballet Physiotherapist) 

A look into some of the common dance injuries and some functional ideas on how to rehabilitate them. 


Kinesio Taping  - the use of KT tape to aid pain management and return to sport. This tape can be applied to help keep a muscle relaxed and improve strength and is great for functional feedback for correct muscle activation and joint placement. 


Dry Needling - based on the traditional Chinese technique of acupuncture, dry needling is adapted for physiotherapist and is used to help release trigger points, change collagen fibers and fascia and the help allieviete neuropathic pain. 


Vertigo (BPPV) most people don't realise that there are a few types of vertigo. BPPV is a type that can be effectively treated by physiotherapist. Some of the symptoms are dizziness with rolling over in bed and looking over your shoulder.